Maisie Williams’ new show Two Weeks to Live has awesome Game of Thrones Easter egg

In Two Weeks to Live, Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams stars as a combat-ready badass out to avenge her father’s death. Wait a minute…

Game of Thrones veteran Maisie Williams (Arya Stark) has a new show: Two Weeks to Live, a tongue-in-cheek tale of a young woman (Kim, played by Williams) who grew up in isolation with her survivalist mother. When Kim decides to venture into the outside world and visit a pub, she meets a couple of guy who joke about what they would do if the world ended in two weeks. Kim, not being used to sarcasm, takes them literally, and decides to cross something big off her list of things she wants to do before she dies: kill Jimmy, the mob boss who killed her father.

As you can see, the similarities to Arya are pretty stark: fathers killed in front of them, lists, ability with weapons and hand-to-hand combat…And the best is yet to come: In the second episode, Kim and Jimmy have a knock-down, drag-out fight. At one point, Kim comes at Jimmy with an empty beer bottle, but he grabs her wrist with one hand and her throat with the other. Things are seemingly over for our hero, but she pulls a move that will be familiar to any Game of Thrones fan:

Yep, Kim dropped the bottle into her free hand and smashed Jimmy with it, exactly how she dropped the Valyrian steel blade before dealing the killing blow to the Night King in “The Long Night”:

And just in case you think that was a coincidence, Williams confirmed to Digital Spy that it wasn’t originally in the script. “It was something that Charlotte, our incredible producer, knitted in while I was doing stunt training,” she said.

We just thought because there are so many similarities between Arya and Kim and because this is a very action-focused role, we thought that so many people are going to make that connection, so it would be fun if we did like a little version of it ourselves. And so there’s a lovely little Easter egg in there for Game of Thrones fans.

A grateful Game of Thrones nation thanks you.

Beyond that, Two Weeks to Live looks pretty fantastic all by itself, making excellent use of Williams’ range.

Two Weeks to Live is available on Sky One and Now TV.

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