Game of Thrones fan recreates the Red Wedding in Animal Crossing


Now if only we could teach K.K. Slider “The Rains of Castamere.” Also, could someone do Arya’s revenge on the Freys next?

In a year full of uncertainty, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has become a beacon of normalcy for longtime gamers and non-gamers alike. (A monotonous routine? No unwelcome surprises? Sign us up!) The newest addition to the franchise does make it easy to fall out of reality for a while, and the level of customization makes for some great fandom mashups.

But even within the peaceful confines of Animal Crossing, the Lannisters have found a way to send their regards. That’s right, a Game of Thrones fan recreated the Red Wedding scene in the game — and it’s seriously impressive in how similar it looks to the real thing.

Sure, there are fewer Freys in the Animal Crossing version of the scene (are we really complaining about that?), but all our faves are there. And Robb Stark’s expression definitely captures the realization that he’s doomed his family for seasons to come:

From blackbear.acnh on Instagram

Naturally, the player had to capture Talisa’s brutal death. And it wouldn’t be the Red Wedding without some blood:

From blackbear.acnh on Instagram

And then there’s Catelyn Stark’s desperate attempt to save the day. It’s a lot cuter this time around, and we’re kind of here for Catelyn with a full-length sword. Arya would be proud.

From blackbear.acnh on Instagram

We’ve also got old Walder Frey. Seeing him again begs the question…can someone bring Arya’s revenge to Animal Crossing next?!

From blackbear.acnh on Instagram

This isn’t as cheery a scene as you usually find on Animal Crossing, but there’s no denying it’s pretty awesome. Now we just need to teach K.K. Slider “The Rains of Castamere.”

And if you need something a little less depressing, there’s also this:

"Bran at the Weirwood Tree (Animal Crossing version) made by me. from freefolk"

I would also accept an Animal Crossing version of the destruction of the Sept of Baelor, just putting that out there.

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