Emilia Clarke has the saddest theory ever on what happens to Drogon

What happened to Daenerys Targaryen and Drogon after the final episode of Game of Thrones? If you believe Emilia Clarke, nothing good.

Game of Thrones is long over, but we’re learning all sorts of new tidbits thanks to James Hibberd’s new book Fire Cannot a Dragon, an oral history of the show built on dozens of interviews Hibberd did with the cast and crew.

Some of the insights have been funny, like the one about Diana Rigg (Olenna) once storming off the set. Some have been weightier, like the producers explaining when and why they chose to diverge from George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire books.

This one is kind of both. According to TV Line, in the book, Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen) gives her take on what happens to Drogon after he burns down the Iron Throne and leaves with the body of his dead mother. “I think he flies around with her body until it decomposes,” she said. “I literally think he keeps flying until he can’t fly anymore. He just keeps grieving.”

WOW, that is a lot bleaker than the fan theory where Drogon takes Dany to Volantis where she can be resurrected. But hey, when a dragon’s in mourning there’s not much you can do to stop it.

There are plenty of other tidbits to learn and know from the book, including:

  • Originally, Grey Worm and Missandei were written to be siblings, although obviously they dropped that idea. “I wondered if this was going to be another incestuous situation,” said Jacob Anderson, who played Grey Worm. “I’m just glad they didn’t suddenly reveal they were related.”
  • Speaking of Missandei, the showrunners had a plan for Davos Seaworth to develop a crush on her, but actor Liam Cunningham wasn’t having it. “I fought them,” he says. “It’s the only thing I ever stood up to them on. The woman is a goddess, but with Davos’s history with Lyanna Mormont and Shireen, you can’t have him getting the hots for a young woman.” Also, wasn’t he still married?
  • Sibel Kekilli, who played Shae, was hesitant to do the part, but showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss “sent me a beautiful letter saying, ‘Please-please-please, you are our Shae. You did a great audition, and we’re going to change Shae a bit. We’ll do it different than the books.’ And they convinced me.” And indeed, they did change Shae from the books, making her less self-interested and more honestly in love with Tyrion Lannister, rather than just stringing him along.
  • Natalie Dormer, who played Margaery Tyrell, originally auditioned to play Melisandre. I can see it.

For even more behind-the-scenes info, pick up Fire Cannot Kill a Dragon, out on shelves now!

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