Sam Heughan is hopeful as Outlander cast “gears up” for season 6

Sam Heughan (Jamie Fraser) gives Outlander fans hope as he describes the steps the show is taken to get back to work on season 6.

Outlander star Sam Heughan has been keeping quite busy these days making the media rounds to promote his Scottish travel book Clanlands, written with costar Graham McTavish. Oh, and let’s not forget we still have their Starz series Men in Kilts to look forward to, which is basically their book brought to life.

But let’s be real: what most fans are interested in is more Outlander! With the virus making things difficult, production on season 6 of Starz’s time-traveling romance hasn’t progressed as quickly as fans would like, but Heughan gave them reason to hope during a recent visit to Live with Kelly and Ryan:

Obviously with Covid things have been delayed but we are definitely gearing up. I’ve been in a few times for costume fittings. Yeah, we’re going to have to adapt and look at a new way of working around it but we’re getting there. I’m excited, I’m excited to go back to work.

Okay, that’s good news, right? If they’re starting to figure out costumes and the like, it likely means that they are inching closer to getting back to work and ending this horrendous Droughtlander.

Still, things are going to be different. Outlander is known for its steamy love scenes — especially between Jaime and Claire Fraser (Caitriona Balfe) — but how will those be accomplished if all the cast members have to maintain social distance? That’s on Heughan’s mind, as well. “I’ve now got to stay 2m away from my co-stars so that could provide some really interesting love scenes.”

Of course he’s just kidding, and there will obviously be measures in place to make sure the actors can do their work safely. According to Kelly Ripa, the measures for love scene are pretty interesting, something she’s learned from husband Mark Consuela, who’s an actor on Riverdale. One of them involves a mouth-rinsing process? Can’t be too careful.

In any case, it’ll be interesting to see how Outlander will take on these unique challenges as they get back to set. Given the amount of time they’ve dedicated to figuring it all out, I’m fairly confident they will not disappoint.

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