Pedro Pascal is among PEOPLE’s Sexiest Men Alive, obviously

Pedro Pascal may wear a mask the entire time on The Mandalorian, but that hasn’t stopped him from being named one of PEOPLE’s Sexiest Men Alive.

Everybody stop everything: PEOPLE has announced its 2020 pic for Sexiest Man Alive. Congratulations to Black Panther veteran Michael B. Jordan!

But of course, there are a lot of men on the planet, and more than one of them is sexy — two or three, at least. PEOPLE has a whole list of sexy people. Screw the Oscars and the Tonys and the Emmys; this is truly life’s greatest honor.

Among the honorees are sexy standbys like Chris Evans, Dwayne Johnson, Paul Rudd and more. One of the newcomers is Game of Thrones veteran Pedro Pascal, who’s currently tearing it up as the title character in The Mandalorian on Disney+. Even if he’s forever masked, you can’t hide the sexiness within.

He gets named one of the Sexiest Men Alive and then he tells people to smack him because he “deserves it”? He’s gonna get some interesting responses.

PEOPLE’s full list of sexy men will be its new issue, available Friday. It’s great that they can take the guesswork out of this. How else would we know who’s sexy? Thank you, PEOPLE.

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