Stranger Things season 4 is Gaten Matarazzo’s favorite…for costumes

Stranger Things is known for its classic 80s looks. According to Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin), the fourth season is stepping up the show’s outfit game.

Stranger Things does a superb job of bringing life to the bright and vibrant colors of the ’80s. Whether it’s the side ponytails, scrunchies, or neon leggings, the wardrobe department is on point every single season.

And according to Stranger Things star Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin), the fourth season will sport some of the best threads yet…or at least, his favorite.

Speaking with US Weekly, Matarazzo spilled some deets about Dustin’s style evolution going forward. “One of my favorite aspects of getting to play Dustin is his wardrobe,” he said. “Fittings are always a blast. What he wears says a lot about him, I think. Vibrant colors and goofy prints. I won’t give too much away but season 4 is definitely my favorite when it comes to costumes.”

And don’t forget the actual costumes:

Stranger Things – Credit: Netflix

Of course, not every look works for him. “I have to say my least favorite look had nothing to do with design,” he said. “In fact, it’s one of my favorites, but the camp outfit always felt really tight and tiny.”

That would be the “Camp Know Where” outfit from the third season. It did look pretty snug:

Stranger Things – Credit: Netflix

Dustin quickly became a fan favorite when Stranger Things premiered back in 2016, and three seasons later, we don’t feel any differently. There’s something about him that puts a smile on your face, and reading about Matarazzo’s enthusiasm for season 4 makes me all the more excited.

Although work on Stranger Things season 4 had to shut down at one point due to COVID-19, the team is back on set now. We’re pretty in the dark about what will happen, although we do the answer to at least one big mystery, although unanswered questions remain.

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