John Barrowman will return as Captain Jack in Doctor Who holiday special


This year’s Doctor Who holiday episode will be extra special, as John Barrowman is all set to return as Captain Jack Harkness.

John Barrowman was a fan favorite from his first appearance on Doctor Who way back in 2005, with his character, Captain Jack Harkness, popping up from time to time for years afterward. In fact, his most recent cameo was in this past season in the episode “Fugitive of the Judoon,” where he left our heroes with a mysterious warning and then vanished.

Now, BBC America has announced that Barrowman will return as Captain Jack in the upcoming Doctor Who holiday special, “Revolution of the Daleks.” Could any fan ask for more?

"In the upcoming special titled “Revolution of the Daleks,” Captain Jack will be on hand to help the fam as they discover a disturbing plan forming involving one of the Doctor’s most feared and dangerous enemies, the Daleks. With the Thirteenth Doctor locked away in a space prison, will Captain Jack be able to help save planet Earth?"

At the moment, the Thirteenth Doctor (Jodie Whittaker) is locked away thanks to the Judoon, an alien/rhinoceros hybrid species big into law and order. Perhaps Captain Jack can help companions Graham, Ryan and Yaz break her out, or just head for the Doctor straightaway. He’s a useful man to have on your side.

We don’t know exactly when “Revolution of the Daleks” will air, but it’ll be at the tail end of this year or the very beginning of the next one. Whenever it comes, we have another reason to look forward to it now!

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