The Flash filming suspended after positive COVID test

Production on The Flash is officially suspended thanks to COVID-19, the latest in a long line of shows to be so affected.

In the latest version of a familiar story, production on The CW’s The Flash has been suspended after a crew member tested positive for COVID-19, reports Deadline.

Hopefully, the suspension won’t last for long. The asymptomatic crew member is now self-isolating, as are those close to them, and Warner Bros. TV is hoping to reorganize things a bit and start up production again without that lot.

There was a time when something like this would have shut down production for an indefinite, long-lasting period of time, but this far into the pandemic, it looks like TV studios have developed ways to at least mitigate damages to the greatest extent possible. Warner Bros. TV already has a rigorous testing protocols, and shutting down production out of an abundance of caution will ensure that an infection doesn’t break out on the set. But they can also start things up again with a minimum of fuss.

At the least, it’s good to see they’re taking this kind of thing seriously. After the Flash participating in The CW’s “Real Heroes Wear Masks” campaign earlier this year, they pretty much have to.

Image: The CW

And The Flash has plenty of company when it comes to show shut down temporarily over COVID-19 diagnoses. HBO’s The Gilded Age, Netflix’s The Witcher and Vikings: Valhalla, NBC’s Chicago Fire and Chicago Med, Apple TV+’s Mythic Quest, CBS’ Young Sheldon, daytime soap Days of Our Lives…they’ve all taken their lumps.

That vaccine could come along anytime.

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