Game of Thrones fans (mostly) do NOT want Matt Smith in prequel show


A recent rumor that Matt Smith may play Daemon Targaryen in House of the Dragon set off quite the discussion! Let’s hit some of the highlights:

Yesterday, we reported on a rumor (and it’s important to stress that that’s all it is at this point) that Doctor Who and The Crown veteran Matt Smith was being considered for the role of Daemon Targaryen in House of the Dragon, HBO’s upcoming Game of Thrones prequel show. A couple of our tweets on the matter blew up right and proper, and fans had a lot to say about it.

This is hardly scientific, but we thought it’d be fun to highlight some of them. What do fans think of the idea of Matt Smith joining the Targaryen crew?

Good but not good for this

Daemon Targaryen is a swaggering, easily angered, sex-and-violence-loving member of House Targaryen who plays a key part in the Dance of the Dragons, the civil war at the center of HBO’s series. Frankly, I don’t see Smith in this role. I don’t think he really has the look — too lanky, not enough edge — and it’s just hard to see him as intimidating after watching him as the Eleventh Doctor and as Prince Philip on The Crown. Yes, Philip is kind of a jerk, but a genteel one, nothing like the wild, unpredictable Daemon.

There were plenty of folks who more or less took this perspective: Smith is a good actor, but probably not good for this part.

And this one I just found funny:

Others were a little more adamant that he’s not a good fit for the role:

And that brings us into the vast majority of responses we got: people who hate this (possible) casting choice.

“I don’t want it.”

Most people did not want to see Matt Smith as Daemon Targaryen and made no bones about it, even foreseeing an early doom for the series:

Sometimes all you need to express your displeasure is Jon Snow’s miserable face:

Jon’s words will do, too:

2020 strikes again?

And now for a surprisingly popular criticism:

Matt Smith isn’t good-looking enough?

I have to admit: I was surprised how many fans ragged on Smith’s looks. I don’t think he’s physically right for the part, but I dunno if I’d go this far:

Some of the criticisms were fairly abstract:

And so on:

These are backhanded compliments at best:

Shifting away from negatively for a second, a few fans pointed out that while he may not have the right look, acting chops will ultimately be more important:

So if not Smith for the part, than who? Actors from History’s Vikings were popular choices:

Okay, to end this on a happier note, there were some fans who were into the idea:

Go Matt Smith Go

Some positive takes on Smith on Daemon:

A Song of Ice and Fire luminary SerHunts made comparisons to another member of the Targaryen family:

For some fans, his inclusions would even make the series for them:

What do you all think? Is Matt Smith a good choice? Okay choice? Terrible choice?

Honestly, I sort of doubt they’ll end up going with Smith. Whoever they choose, it’s very possible we’ll know it soon:

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