5 Easter eggs you may have missed in The Mandalorian season 2 finale

The Mandalorian season 2 finale
The Mandalorian season 2 finale /
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Is Grogu’s blood being used for…?

During Mando and Gideon’s standoff in Grogu’s cell, the Moff says the Child’s blood has “the potential to bring order back to the galaxy.” This was a confusing line as all we’ve seen the blood used for was creating the Dark Troopers. Of course, the Empire has its own idea of what stability in the galaxy means. For Gideon, “order” could mean the return of totalitarian rule, with the Dark Troopers there to enforce it.

But it’s also possible Gideon could’ve been talking about Snoke and Palpatine. The Rise of Skywalker established that Emperor Palpatine transferred his soul to a clone vessel on himself on Exegol. The movie also revealed that Palpatine created Supreme Leader Snoke and made more like him before announcing his return to the galaxy.

It’s possible that some Imperial officers like Gideon were secretly serving this Palpatine clone because they believed he could restore “order” in the galaxy. That would explain how Palpatine had the resources to create Snoke and subsequent clones.

This might’ve been teased earlier this season during “Chapter 12: The Siege.” While Mando, Cara, Karga, and Mythrol are clearing out the Imperial laboratory on Nevarro, they come across a tank with a shriveled-up body that vaguely resembles the Supreme Leader. In fact, if you listen closely during that scene, you can hear music that is similar to Snoke’s theme from The Force Awakens!

If the show is alluding to Snoke or Palpatine, it’s a clever little Easter egg that connects the show to the sequel trilogy. Perhaps it will show the slow rise of The First Order in the following seasons. We might even learn more of the Empire’s plan!