WiC Weekly: December 20-26

This week on WiC, we look back at The Mandalorian, forward to Vikings, interrogate the writing of George R.R. Martin and Patrick Rothfuss, and more!

Welcome to the holiday edition of WiC Weekly! What happened round here over the last seven merry days? Let’s find out!

The second season of The Mandalorian ended a week ago, but we’re still sorting through our feelings about it:

Vikings is coming to an end very soon. What better time than to look at some of its similarities and differences to another popular historical show?

Speaking of Vikings, we’ve been talking to the stars ahead of the end:

Every Song of Ice and Fire fan knows that George R.R. Martin takes his time writing books. What does his friend and much faster writer Diana Gabaldon make of it?

Back to The Mandalorian, the season 2 finale featured a big cameo. You know the one I’m talking about:

Like George R.R. Martin, Kingkiller Chronicle author Patrick Rothfuss takes his time with his books. At least he’s willing to talk about it with fans:

Amazon is bringing us show based on the hugely popular Wheel of Time books. But how much of the novels will it preserve?

Game of Thrones star and light of the world Sophie Turner is spreading the truth:

An Obi-Wan Kenobi series is coming to Disney+, and we have a lot of thoughts on it:

Wonder Woman 1984 is here! What’s the verdict?

Happy holidays, everyone!

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