Whoopi Goldberg looking to become first American Doctor Who

Jodie Whittaker may be leaving Doctor Who, and the race is on to find her replacement. Whoopi Goldberg tosses her hat into the ring, although the fans have someone else in mind.

Rumors are starting to swirl about Jodie Whittaker leaving the role of the Doctor on Doctor Who after the upcoming 13th season. But who might replace her? There are people throwing their hat in the ring, and then there’s Whoopi Goldberg asking to be the Doctor on Doctor Who. There’s levels to this game, and this is top tier.

That’s right, according to an interview Whoopi herself did with SFX Magazine, the legendary Ghost and Sister Act actress wants to become the first American to handle the sonic screwdriver. In fact, it’s been a long-time goal of hers, and she’s done her homework. “I was lucky enough to speak to Tom Baker about it – he’s the Doctor I know best,” she explained.

Baker held the keys to the Tardis from 1974 to 1981, the longest of any actor in the series. “For me, Tom Baker was the best Doctor,” she declared. “Of course, the younger Doctors are good, but when it comes to the older Doctors, it was always Tom Baker for me.”

I wanted to be the first female Doctor, but they have one. I said to him, ‘I love the idea of an American Doctor Who’. I’m still trying to do it.

Goldberg is a sci-fi fan from way back, making her mark on the genre by playing Guinan on Star Trek: The Next Generation. (And she may be reprising the role soon.) And you can see her right now as Mother Abigail in the Stephen King adaptation The Stand.

Still, she’ll face stiff competition for the role of the Doctor. Metro ran a poll asking who fans wanted to see in the role, with The IT Crown veteran Richard Ayoade coming out on top with 38% of the vote.

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS – MAY 24: Richard Ayoade attends Chivas Venture 2018 – Chivas Regal’s global competition that gives away $1 million in no-strings funding every year to the world’s most promising social startups on May 24, 2018 at TNW Conference in Amsterdam, Netherlands. (Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images for Chivas Brothers)

I mean, he kind of already has the look down.

Other contenders Kris Marshall (33%) and Jo Martin (12%), who played another version of the Doctor alongside Jodie Whittaker in the most recent season.

Your move, British Broadcasting Company.

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