HBO Max exec confirms there’s no Harry Potter show in development


HBO Max is the new kid on the block when it comes to streaming services, and it’s going to need to capitalize on its popular content — like classic HBO series and its DC lineup — in order to keep up with players like Netflix and Disney+. That’s why recent reports of a Harry Potter series in the works for the streamer didn’t seem all that unlikely. However, Warner Bros. denied the existence of any such television show.

HBO chief content officer Casey Bloys doubled down on that sentiment this week, confirming that, although people are definitely still interested in the Wizarding World, there are no plans for a full TV show, at least not yet.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly about all things HBO Max, Bloys addressed the rumors of a new addition to the Potterverse, emphasizing that there’s currently nothing official to discuss. “There are no deals in place,” Bloys explained. “There are no writers. There’s nothing. So I can’t add anything to what everybody’s already speculating about.”

Could a Harry Potter show happen down the line?

Although Bloys explicitly stated that there’s no deal in place, that doesn’t necessarily mean a Harry Potter show is off the table completely. The HBO Max boss did admit that he’d be interested in such a thing, even if there isn’t anything official in the works right now. “Do I want a Harry Potter series? Of course, I would take more Harry Potter. That would be great. But there’s nothing to add.”

That said, whether Warner Bros. will actually decide to build upon the franchise further remains a mystery. Fans are still invested, but there’s been plenty of controversy surrounding the Wizarding World lately thanks to author J.K. Rowling’s comments about the trans community — something that could alienate fans and make studios hesitant to pursue any big new projects. The Fantastic Beasts franchise has also been greeted with much less enthusiasm than the original series, something that could impact the studio’s decision to pursue further stories in this world.

Whatever happens, one thing is certain: If there’s nothing definite in the works right now, fans shouldn’t expect a Harry Potter TV show for quite some time, if ever. Luckily, there are plenty of other fantasy series being adapted for the small screen. Perhaps Netflix’s Shadow and Bone or Amazon’s The Wheel of Time series will quench viewers’ thirst for magic and adventure.

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