Kylo Ren goes full Hamlet in early concept art

The Star Wars sequel trilogy is fading into history, but it’ll be a while before the likes of Rey, Finn and Kylo Ren completely leave our brains. And helpful fans like  the ones who run Star Wars Facts — a verified Twitter account that shares little factoids about the series — are helping to keep it alive.

For instance, they recently tweeted out a look at an early concept image for Kylo Ren, back when he was known as “the Grave Robber” on account of him walking around creepily holding Darth Vader’s long-vacated helmet:

I’m getting serious Hamlet vibes from this photo. “Alas, poor Anakin!” and so forth. Either that or he’s about to start bobbing the helmet up and down on his hand and talking in Darth Vader’s voice like it’s a puppet. I’d watch either version, really.

You’ll note that in this version, Kylo Ren had a cyborg arm, not unlike Luke Skywalker. So he’s picking up traits from all over.

An even earlier version of Kylo Ren made him look very unwell under his mask

And this wasn’t the only preliminary take on Kylo. In 2019, Lucasfilm creative art manager Phil Szostak shared a very early idea that involved Kylo wearing a mask over his mouth and nose but leaving visible his sickly, milky eyes:

Of course, all of these ideas were left behind so they could go with Adam Driver’s emo hunk version of the character. But the sickly eyed design for the Fifth Brother in Star Wars Rebels. It’s good to recycle.

If you’re missing the Star Wars movies, don’t worry, Disney is making sure you’ll soon have more content than you can handle:

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