Review: Attack on Titan, Episode 410: “A Sound Argument”

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Attack on Titan continues its flashbacks this week, filling in some narrative gaps and highlighting just how much Eren has changed.


Much like last week’s installment, this episode of Attack on Titan jumps back and forth in time, filling in some of the narrative gaps created by the final season’s four-year time jump. Opening with Hange questioning Eren from outside his jail cell, “A Sound Argument” quickly segues back to the past, a year after the Anti-Marleyan Volunteers arrive on the shores of Paradis Island.

The first of several flashbacks sees Yelena and her comrades introducing the Scout Regiment to Kiyomi Azumabito, Special Envoy from Hizuru, in an attempt to forge some kind of alliance between Paradis Island and another nation. It’s revealed that Mikasa is actually a descendant of the Azumabito family, an interesting development for Eren’s adoptive sister.

In a meeting with the Scouts, Kiyomi reveals that Zeke Yeager had come to her with terms, asking for cooperation in exchange for restoring Hizuru to its “former glory.” Zeke also told her about his plan to begin the rumbling so other nations can see its power and be deterred from further military action. In addition to that, he requested that Hizuru help bulk up Paradis Island’s military and ensure the Founding Titan and Beast Titan are passed down to someone, the latter to someone with royal blood.

To pass down the Beast Titan to someone with royal blood would require Historia to inherit Zeke’s Titan, something Eren and the Survey Corps deem reprehensible, even though Historia is willing. Eren rails about how they aren’t fighting for freedom to be forced to breed and pass down Titans, which hints at his motives; he’s determined to secure safety and true freedom for Paradis.

The Eren from this flashback, however, is a far cry from the Eren viewers see when the episode returns to the present. In the current timeline, he threatens Hange and questions why the Scouts even bothered to imprison him, suggesting he could turn into a Titan and escape at any time.

It’s then revealed that Historia is now pregnant, something the higher-ups in Paradis Island‘s military believe is a ploy to prevent her from inheriting a Titan, since they won’t feed her to a Titan until the baby is born. They think someone intentionally devised this plan with her, possibly Yelena or Eren.

“A Sound Argument” then jumps back in time again, showing the Scouts a few years earlier. Hange and Levi break the news that Hizuru won’t be of much help to the Scouts — since the rest of the world is determined to view them as devils — and the group floats the idea of showing the rest of the world who they are in order to win their trust. Judging by the present timeline, that doesn’t work out so well.

Following this, the younger Scouts discuss who should inherit Eren’s Founding Titan when his 13 years are up. Every one of his friends volunteers to take up the mantle, but Eren stops them in their tracks. “I don’t want any of you to inherit it,” he tells them, insisting that they’re too important to him.

Back in the present, the same group — sans Eren — discusses Zeke’s and Eren’s intentions, wondering what would happen if they’re forced to turn on their friend. Connie questions whether Eren is the same person they knew years ago and whether the team will be able to take action against him if needed. Mikasa appears to be the only one willing to defend him after his actions in Liberio, hinting at some serious tensions between the main group of characters. Armin suggests that he and Mikasa speak with Eren alone, clearly trying to hold onto whatever friendship remains, but he doesn’t seem as convinced about Eren’s intentions as Mikasa.


There’s a lot happening during “A Sound Argument,” and the episode definitely drags at points. In particular, the meeting between the Scouts and Hizuru feels like a lot of info-dumping, albeit necessary info-dumping. It’s clear this nation will play a larger role over the course of the final season, but this week’s episode involves a lot of characters sitting in rooms and talking to one another.

Although taken straight from the manga, the Historia plotline comes off as odd, particularly given how much the anime sidelined her following season 2. To bring her character back only to force her to choose between inheriting a Titan and beginning a cycle of breeding and becoming pregnant to avoid that fate is disturbing to say the least — particularly since both options require her to get pregnant whether she likes it or not. There’s also the conversation between the military leaders to consider. Although it’s clearly included to provide context to the viewers, it’s not the most exciting or interesting scene. In fact, it’s downright infuriating at points.

The most compelling aspect of this week’s episode is undoubtedly the tension building between Eren and his friends. The scene that shows the group discussing who should inherit the Founding Titan after him contrasts nicely with the following scene, underscoring how much Eren must have changed in order for the same friends to consider turning on him. Emotions will definitely run high when the action starts up again. (It’s also nice to return to a simpler time briefly, especially knowing things are probably about to escalate again.)

Overall, this week’s episode of Attack on Titan sets up the remainder of the season nicely, even if there are a few lulls and questionable narrative choices. Hopefully it will all pay off when things finally come to a head.

Episode Grade: B-

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