Matthew Modine talks possible return to Stranger Things

It’s been way too long since we’ve seen a new episode of Stranger Things, and thanks to the pandemic, we’re waiting longer still. At least the cast and crew are hard at work filming the fourth season down in Georgia, and we’re wondering whether a certain ’80s icon might not be down there with them…

Specifically, we want to know if Full Metal Jacket star Matthew Modine is returning as Eleven’s “father” Dr. Martin Brenner, the guy who experimented on her in hopes of turning her into a psychic weapon and ended up opening a doorway to the Upside Down in the process. (The jury’s out on whether he’s her actual biological father, which is just one of the unresolved questions the show is sure to answer sooner or later.)

True, we saw Brenner get mauled by the Demogorgon at the end of the first season, but we never saw the body, which on TV is basically a guarantee that the character survived. And indeed, Eleven learned in season 2 that he’s still out there, no doubt plotting and scheming. He didn’t show up in season 3, but the show wouldn’t drop that reveal on us unless they planned to make good later…possibly in the upcoming season 4.

Modine, however, is being coy. “I’d love to be invited back,” he recently told Yahoo Entertainment. “I really enjoyed working with [creators] Matt and Ross Duffer and the crew they assembled. It’s extraordinary how it took off and the heights it’s flown to. It’s a global phenomenon. If they choose to bring me back, I’ll jump in head first.”

You’d return “if” they invited you back, huh? What aren’t you saying, Matthew? WHAT ARE YOU HIDING?

Is Matthew Modine returning as Eleven’s dad in Stranger Things season 4?

But seriously, when Yahoo Entertainment asked Modine where he was now, he was evasive in a way that set off all my alarms. “I’m in a secret place, in a secret world, in a state I can’t tell you…There’s cameras, microphones, hair and make-up… that’s all I can tell you.”

If that’s not him trying to hide the fact that he’s in Georgia filming Stranger Things season 4 right this second, I will eat my hat. I don’t even own a hat, but I’ll buy one and eat if I’m wrong about this.

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