American Gods studio “committed to completing the epic journey”

American Gods may have been canceled by Starz after its third season, but author Neil Gaiman is keeping hope alive that it could come back in some capacity, and so is production company. After Gaiman declared that the show was “definitely not dead”, Fremantle told Deadline that it “is committed to completing the epic journey that is American Gods, one of TV’s most inclusive series with the most amazing fans across the globe.”

With Neil Gaiman and this fantastic cast and crew, we are exploring all options to continue to tell this magnificent story.

Now, it’s unclear if that means the series will get renewed for a fourth season or if it will conclude with a TV movie or what, but it’s good to see momentum behind a continuation.

Whatever they decide will certainly make the fans happy, especially after that cliffhanger ending to season 3. We deserve to know what the heck was going to happen next! Is Shadow really gone? Did Odin/Mr. Wednesday really get away with fooling his son into making that sacrifice? And what about the Old Gods vs. New Gods war we were promised?

There are definitely a lot of loose ends to tie up, and with Fremantle and Gaiman working to give the show a proper goodbye, the future looks bright.

Potential homes for American Gods

As of now, there is no confirmation about where the series could end up. It appears Netflix and Amazon are in the running. Of the two, Netflix makes the most sense since Gaiman is already working with them on an adaptation of his graphic novel The Sandman.

That said, Amazon also makes sense considering it’s been the show’s home all around the world (besides the United States). In other countries, new episodes would go up on Amazon Prime Video the day after they aired on Starz. And Gaiman worked with Amazon on an adaptation of Good Omens starring David Tennant, Michael Sheen and Jon Hamm.

Hopefully, one or the other of these companies will jump at the opportunity to conclude this riveting journey. In the meantime, here’s Ricky Whittle’s “cut” of what happens to Shadow Moon in American Gods season 4.

Happy to see that the cast is taking all of this in stride, especially if it means we’re getting content like this. Anyone else swooning over Whittle right now?

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