Godzilla vs. Kong writer hopes his Game of Thrones prequel series is revived

Max Borenstein was one of several writers who worked on a set of cancelled Game of Thrones prequel series. Could they come back?

We’ve heard a lot lately about new Game of Thrones projects on the horizon, whether it’s the mounting number of prequel series coming to HBO or the Broadway play about the Tourney at Harrenhal. Two years after the show came to an end, there’s still a lot of interest, to the point where I wouldn’t be surprised if HBO kept announcing new projects.

For instance, might they revive the Game of Thrones prequel show developed by Max Borenstein, who recently made a splash as the screenwriter behind Godzilla vs. Kong? A few years ago, Borenstein, Jane Goldman, Brian Helgeland, Carly Wray and Bryan Cogman were all working on Game of Thrones prequel ideas, one of which even got a pilot episode! Unfortunately that project was cancelled and the other ideas shelved. HBO now has a lot of shows in development — including House of the Dragon, which is the only one we know we’re getting — but you have to wonder what became of those early ideas.

Borenstein isn’t dishing on what his show was actually about, but did talk about his experience with it — and his hopes for its future — with Collider. “I had an amazing experience with it,” he said. “We did a tremendous amount of work, I’m really proud of it. And maybe one day it’ll have its moment, that’s my hope for it.”

Right now, they’re really developing out a lot of projects in that world, and I’m doing a different show at the network that I’m deeply in love with. I am also really in love with that project and would love to one day be able to do it, so we’ll see.

The “different project” is a sports drama about the Los Angeles Lakers. I’m a little surprised to hear Borenstein hopeful that his Game of Thrones project could get revived, but given the number of new GoT shows cropping up, maybe I shouldn’t be.

“It was very developed in terms of the world and the bible,” Borenstein continued, “bible” being a showrunning term referring to a kind of master document that details what a show is about. “There was a script, there were outlines. We had a title, we had a lot of stuff…It’s definitely in their court as to what could theoretically get released.

You can watch the full interview below, where he also talks about Godzilla vs. Kong:

We previously heard that House of the Dragon, which is about a brutal Targaryen civil war that tore Westeros apart over 100 years before the main series, was a revived version of one of those original prequel projects. Since Borenstein is talking about releasing what he worked on, I doubt it was any of the new shows we’ve heard about — Dunk and EggRobert’s Rebellion, etc. Then again, maybe he’s covering or hasn’t heard all the latest news. Or maybe he was working on the rumored Empire of Ash, a show about the Valyrian Empire back in its heyday.

For now, all can we do is look forward to House of the Dragon and hope more details come about the other series in due time.

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