Lena Headey joins HBO Watergate drama, Maisie Williams becomes WWF ambassador


Everything is coming up Lena Headey. The woman who played Cersei Lannister on Game of Thrones has several irons in the fire, including a return to HBO for the five-part miniseries The White House Plumbers. Per Digital Spy, she’ll play Dorothy Hunt, wife to E Howard Hunt (Woody Harrelson), one of the masterminds behind the infamous Watergate break-in that eventually sunk Richard Nixon’s presidency. Justin Theroux will play G Gordon Liddy, another of the key players.

In addition to being Howard Hunt’s wife and the mother of their four children, Dorothy is also a CIA asset. She’ll try to hold the family together even as she gets caught up in the dangerous game her husband is playing.

This sounds like the kind of material that Headey could crush. Playing a political operative in a high-stakes political game? She should have no problem.

And that’s not all Headey is up to. Per Deadline, she’s also teamed up with Boat Rocker Studios to adapt Christian McKay Heidicker’s Scary Stories for Young Foxes, a series of eight interconnected stories about two foxes whose youthful misfortunes bring them together. As the title implies, this is a scary story, which seems up Headey’s alley.

“During our first meeting at Boat Rocker I was asked what I was interested in, and we started talking about horror for kids, how there is a space for this, and not to shy away from putting stuff out there that’s dark and smart,” Headey said. “Kids aren’t daft — they know when we’re holding back the scary bits, so I’m so happy to be part of a great team to bring Christian’s book to life in a way that feels authentic.”

Maisie Williams becomes a climate change ambassador for the WWF

Finally, Maisie Williams (Arya Stark) has become the first global ambassador for climate change and nature for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). She talked about her new role in a video on her Instagram:

“I am honored and excited to be working with WWF where together we will give the opportunity for people to learn about critical parts of the natural world that are most at risk, and how we can all personally make a difference and preserve them for future generations,” Williams said. “I want to showcase the fight back against climate change, including how we can turn around the crisis in our oceans, which are home to such extraordinary diversity of life and sustain us all.

"Through my history of learning about our sustainable future, I have recognised that climate change is often interpreted as an overwhelming force, but my personal goal is to show people everywhere that each and every one of us plays a vital role in making a difference. From small daily life changes, through to supporting larger campaigns directed at a government level for policy change, we can all join the many incredible activists who are working every day to impact change."

Game of Thrones stars are busy as always. Meanwhile, new actors are making names for themselves on the set of House of the Dragon:

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