“The Darth Vader House” is for sale!

There aren’t too many Star Warsthemed homes in the world, never mind houses with designs that look like Darth Vader’s helmet. If you’re in the market for a home inspired by the galaxy far, far away, the perfect opportunity may have just come your way. Perhaps you’ll be interested in joining the dark side of the Force and purchasing what’s known as the “Darth Vader House” in Houston, Texas. But be warned, you’ll have to pay big money for it!

The slick, ultra-modern home was built by Dr. Jean Cukier in 1992. Strangely, he didn’t intend on it looking like the iconic helmet — that was something that the internet later picked up on. However, now even the official listing references Star Wars. It’ll set back the buyer a massive $4.3 million. For the money, you get 7,040 square feet of interior complete with five bedrooms and four bathrooms. Sounds fit for any Sith Lord. Unfortunately, it does not come with an army of Stormtroopers for security guards.

It’s the striking and menacing exterior that give the home the famous “Darth Vader House” nickname. As some people have pointed out, it looks a bit like the Legion of Doom headquarters too.

The lucky person who buys this will for sure be the envy of Star Wars fanatics across the globe. As the below video from KHOU 11 shows, the homeowner might have a hard time fighting off people with cameras. The force is strong with this house:

Perhaps Disney should just buy it and turn it into a Star Wars museum filled with memorabilia, or a themed hotel. We all know they can afford it. Then everyone gets a chance at living inside Darth Vader’s head.

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