Lucifer fans theorize big plot twist based on season 5 finale line

Could a baby be in Deckerstar’s future? According to fans on Twitter, there’s a line from the Lucifer season 5 finale that hints at what might be coming for newly minted deity Lucifer and his longtime love Chloe Decker in the show’s sixth and final season.

Amid the chaos of the celestial fight scene in the finale, Chloe is stabbed in the abdomen by Lucifer’s evil brother Michael. His weapon of choice is the staff made from the remaining piece of the Tree of Life. We know this because angel Zadkiel says, “That staff is all that remains of the Tree of Life.”

Chloe dies from her wound and goes to heaven and Lucifer risks everything to go back and save her, and now fans are wondering if this is a hint at what’s to come.

Could a baby be on the way in Lucifer season 6?

Hello! Magazine spotted a bunch of fans on Twitter speculating that the location of Michael’s blow couldn’t be a coincidence. If the Tree of Life has any power in it (which we assume it must) then hitting Chloe in the womb-region suggests that it might have given her a little extra something upon her return to the mortal coil.

Pregnant Chloe would be a great story. Lucifer, god and expectant father, would be an even greater story.

It also brings up the possibility for tension between Lucifer and Amenadiel given that Amenadiel’s son Charlie is mortal and shows no sign of being a celestial. If Lucifer’s child were to become an angel, it could easily upset the peace that the brothers have been enjoying lately.

There’s no way of knowing whether or not a Deckerstar pregancy is in the cards for Lucifer and Chloe, but thinking about it will help keep fans entertained until the show returns to Netflix for its final season.

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