The Last Kingdom finishes filming fifth and final season

Image: The Last Kingdom/Ian Johnson
Image: The Last Kingdom/Ian Johnson /

We were heartbroken to hear that the upcoming fifth season of The Last Kingdom, Netflix’s excellent medieval drama, would be its last. Sure, the show has lived a healthy life and found an audience, but the source material on which the series is based — Bernard Cornwell’s The Saxon Stories — still has a ways to go, and it’s too bad we won’t be getting the full tale.

Still, we’re thankful for the time we’ve gotten to spend with Uhtred of Bebbanburg, and at least it looks like he and the rest of the Last Kingdom crew are prepared to go out in style. Director Jon East recently announced that the show is officially through with filming, adding that the final stretch of work eclipsed “in complexity/scale all I’ve directed on this great show since I joined in 2016. The last season is ending in EPIC style! Big thanks to the top team that worked with tireless devotion to make it so.”

The Last Kingdom season 5 will see Uhtred training King Edward’s (Timothy Innes) first-born son Aethelstan as a warrior, all to fulfill the late King Alfred’s (David Dawson) dream of a united England. Meanwhile, Uhtred’s childhood friend Brida (Emily Cox) plots revenge with her Dane allies, and it looks like King Alfred’s widow Aelswith (Eliza Butterworth) survived her brush with death at the end of season 4.

Alexander Dreymon takes us behind the scenes of The Last Kingdom

The Last Kingdom stars have been giving us little looks behind the scenes for a while now. For instance, here’s Dreymon getting some direction from Anthony Philipson:

And here’s Mark Rowley (Finan) going from 21st century to ninth century in a split second:

We don’t know exactly when The Last Kingdom season 5 will drop on Netflix, but if it’s as complex and epic as Jon East says, I’ll bet on sometime in 2022.

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