25 bizarre Game of Thrones moments that still make no sense

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As much as love it, there are a lot of moments on Game of Thrones that didn’t make any sense. Today, we salute the bizarre and strange.

There’s strange, there’s fantasy, and then there’s just non-sensical.

In its eight seasons on TV, Game of Thrones has had its share of oddities. There are a lot of things about the HBO drama that weird out the average viewer (one word: incest), but at least those are rooted in the source material. Other things are whimsical choices the showrunners never felt the need to expand on, and still make no sense years later.

For your reading pleasure, we’ve compiled 25 such moments, gags, and head-scratching junctures here.

1. The honeypot and the jackass

I’m not going to be following any sort of chronologic order with these, but I wanted to start at the very end. The very last line of dialogue from the show is that unfinished brothel joke that Tyrion first tried to make in the first season, and again in the sixth: “I once brought a jackass and a honeycomb into a brothel.”

As in the past, we never get to hear the rest of the story. I suppose the idea of the recurring joke is funny for some people, and it might have made a weird sort of sense if Tyrion finally got to the end of it, but maybe not as a way to conclude the first meeting of the new Small Council of the Six Kingdoms. Although it does kind of work as a metaphor you concluding the final season: an unfinished joke that’s missing the punchline.