Fear The Walking Dead’s submarine spinoff is still happening

Fear The Walking Dead has just come off an amazing sixth season, and it looks like this is just the beginning for it.

During the episode “USS Pennsylvania,” we were introduced to a submarine crew dealing with the aftermath of the zombie apocalypse. They end up a group of deteriorating zombies roaming lifelessly around the ship they used to crew. Teddy (John Glover) used the submarine to launch nukes and demolish the world around him so things could start anew, which is about where we left off.

Back in March, Fear The Walking Dead showrunners Ian Goldberg and Andrew Chambliss, announced that they’d be working on a digital series alongside Scott M. Gimple, the head of The Walking Dead universe. This series will focus on how the crew members of the USS Pennsylvania came to meet their fate.

Fear The Walking Dead showrunners plan to do fourth digital series

“Dead in the Water” will be the fourth digital series to branch off of Fear The Walking Dead following “Flight 462“, “Passage“, and “The Althea Tapes.” Fear The Walking Dead is a spinoff itself, so it’s only fitting it inspire new shows.

According to Comicbook.com, during a Twitch live stream, Goldberg confirmed that “Dead in the Water” is still moving forward. He didn’t reveal much more than that but he did say it would tie into the larger universe.

I’m hoping this is the case, because the previous digital series didn’t have a lot of links back to the rest of the franchise. Sure, they had a character or two pop up here and there, but I was hoping for something more impactful. Perhaps this one will deliver!

“[W]e have a story, we have a script, and we’re just putting the pieces in place,” Goldberg said during the live stream. “[It’s] something that we very much hope to make happen and soon.”

Personally, I think getting to meet the USS Pennsylvania crew before the events of season 6 will be very interesting. We know where they end up, but watching their journey is a genius way to flesh out a tertiary storyline and make it more meaningful.

There is no premiere date or timeline for “Dead in the Water” as of yet, but rest assured we will get it, and hopefully soon!

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