Exclusive: Mark Alvarez digs into Dutybound, the first book in his Lightwings Epic


Dutybound is the first book in a new fantasy trilogy called The Lightwings Epic that combines your favorite elements from Final Fantasy, Harry Potter and more. Set in the world of Terestria, the is the brainchild of debut author Mark Alvarez. We recently sat down with Alvarez to discuss some of the book’s central themes, where he drew inspiration and when we can expect the next entry in the series. Check out our conversation below!

Initially a standard coming-of-age story, Dutybound follows Lucia, the young high maiden of Moz, on a journey to protect her kingdom and the world itself from a coming darkness. Alvarez tells us that the process of writing the book started over 10 years ago and was initially inspired by the classic video game series Final Fantasy, something that comes across in the book’s epic fight scenes.

Image: Dutybound/Books Fluent
Image: Dutybound/Books Fluent /

Dutybound is far from just a novel about good versus evil. Alvarez told us at length about the themes of finding one’s place in the world, and the burdens of knowledge and privilege. In as spoiler-free a way as possible, we discuss some of the books biggest moments and where Alvarez got his inspiration for the series’ villains, four deadly sins made flesh.

Fans of the book will be happy to learn that the second novel in the series, Bloodbound, will be available in early 2023.

Dutybound: Light Wings Volume 1 is available now wherever you purchase your books, in both digital and hardcover editions.

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