Game of Thrones exhibit comes to Frankenstein Castle in Germany


A couple of years ago, artist Sven Sauer mounted Unseen Westeros, an exhibit where accomplished artists from far and wide took a close look at the wider world created by George R.R. Martin and made renderings of places we didn’t get to see in on HBO’s Game of Thrones, or even in Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire books — we’re talking the Shadow Lands, the far country of Yi Ti and dragons over the Shivering Sea. The resulting exhibit was splendid, and now Sauer are company are back for a follow-up.

The new exhibit, Unseen Worlds, will feature 60 new images created by 40 international artists who worked on Game of Thrones, as well as on projects like AvatarStar TrekX-MenThe Avengers and The Chronicles of Narnia.

Los Siete Reinos has some images from the event, which looks just as spectacular as the last exhibition:

Colossus Valyrio, by Max Riess, one of the new images from Unknown Worlds
Colossus Valyrio, by Max Riess, one of the new images from Unknown Worlds /

Where and when to see the Game of Thrones Unseen Worlds Exhibit

The Unseen Worlds exhibit takes place over four days, starting on Thursday, July 15 and running through Sunday, July 18. It’s hosted at Frankenstein Castle in Darmstadt, Germany. The event is free, although you do have to book tickets on the event website ahead of time. The artists will be there in person to answer questions, and there’s an audio guide.

Obviously not everyone will be able to make Unseen Worlds, but you can always buy prints from the original exhibit. And according to LSR, Sauer is already working on future exhibits…

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