Fear The Walking Dead Season 7 will be “a western story”

When Fear The Walking Dead returns for its seventh season, things are going to be quite different. The season 6 finale paved a way for the series to take a dark turn, as yet another apocalypse has descended upon this world courtesy of deranged man Teddy Maddox (John Glover).

When last we left our survivors, Teddy had launched nuclear warheads over the state of Texas, part of his plan to take things back to zero so civilization could rebuild. As they came crashing down, so did any hope of life returning to any semblance of normalcy. I guess it may have gotten rid of a bunch of walkers at once, but in this world, that doesn’t make much of a difference.

Co-showrunner Ian Goldberg teased what fans can expect as we head into season 7, which has been filming since April. While on a live stream with TWDUniverse on Twitch, Goldberg said that the next season of Fear The Walking Dead will double as a western story. “The world has changed.” he said. “We have multiple nuclear warheads that have detonated…That’s gonna change the walkers, that’s gonna change the living conditions, that’s gonna change everything about how our characters navigate this world. Just when they got a handle on how to deal with the apocalypse, now we have another apocalypse on top of the one they’ve been living in.”

Fear The Walking Dead will reinvent itself for season 7

Not only is the world now in shambles, but all the characters seem to have been split up. Each is in their own world within this world, which can only make things more challenging for them. Goldberg said that the anthology format will persist into the next season, with more character-focused stories for each episode. “I think it’s not a spoiler to say that people are scattered to the four corners and they’re going to be struggling to survive in this new world and finding each other might just be a small part of how they’re gonna navigate that.”

On top of that, the show will continue to be “a western story,” according to Goldberg. And yes, being in Texas helps with that bit.

“Andrew and I talk a lot about reinventing the show every eight episodes, every season, but this is by far the biggest reinvention that we’ve done,” Goldberg concluded. “So I cannot wait to share it with everybody.”

For a franchise as big as The Walking Dead, reinvention is key to keeping the audience engaged. Here’s to another season of chaos, zombies, and who knows what else!

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