Dan’s legacy will play into Lucifer season 6, says showrunner

Of all the characters in the beloved Netflix series Lucifer, the one who’s been through the most is, hands down, Detective Dan Espinoza. He’s grown so much over the years, but worry not: His tragic and untimely death in season 5 doesn’t mean his story is over. Lucifer co-showrunner Joe Henderson teased the impact of his story during the Netflix Geeked: Lucifer panel at Comic-Con @Home.

“So much of what we were building on season 5 was Dan trying to leave a legacy,” Henderson said. “Because what he tried to do with his dying breath was introduce Ella to someone he thought might be good for her. That is something we will explore in season 6, the legacy of that gesture from Dan.”

Ella struggled in season 5 with the knowledge that she’d been dating a serial killer without realizing it. It tested her faith and made her question everything in her life. Though she didn’t realize that Lucifer’s father is actually God, she found some solace in her conversations with him. It sounds like Dan’s final act could help her find what she’s looking for, and it just might help him find his way out of hell.

Dan’s journey on Lucifer has always been complex

In the beginning, Dan wasn’t one of the good guys. He’d gotten involved in some shady situations with a known dirty cop, and he was so busy hiding his tracks that his ex-wife Chloe got tangled up in it.

Since then, he has worked hard to become a better man, a better detective and a better father. His relationship with Charlotte (who was also Lucifer and Amenadiel’s mother, unbeknownst to him) was a pivotal moment for him. Her death rocked his world, and it didn’t help when Dan learned the truth about his celestial friends.

Dan’s growth over the years has given fans someone to cheer for. He’s the perennial underdog and his loss hit particularly hard. When he saw Ella struggling, he decided to introduce her to his friend and all around good guy Carol. Ella had planned to blow Carol off, but they ended up running into each other at Dan’s funeral and there was a spark.

It remains to be seen how Ella and Carol’s relationship plays out, but evidently Dan’s legacy is a part of it. Perhaps there will be a larger focus on all of the things he did to help others, and that could play into getting his soul out of hell and into the Silver City where it belongs.

Thankfully, fans won’t have to wait long to find out what happens, as Lucifer season 6 arrives on Netflix on September 10.

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