Vincent Kartheiser accused of “disruptive” behavior on the set of Titans season 3

Vincent Kartheiser’s antics on the set of Titans season 3 have reportedly landed him in hot water. According to Deadline, multiple complaints and two formal investigations led to assigning an on-set monitor to keep an eye on his behavior.

The former Mad Men and Angel star joined the Titans cast as the Scarecrow in season 3 and he was noticeably absent from pre-season media coverage. His people deny the allegations of “disruptive, juvenile behavior and inappropriate comments” on set, but they acknowledge that Kartheiser “agreed to comply with [Warner Bros’] directives.”

Some of the complaints “centered on verbal comments and outbursts” led to a reprimand, but it’s the behavior toward the end of filming that led to the representative assigned to watch his behavior.

Warner Bros. hired someone to monitor Vincent Kartheiser on the set of Titans

Taking a deeper look, the nature of the complaints are rather odd, and the solution of hiring an on-set monitor seems to be the kind of measure you’d think would be reserved for serious infractions. The actual infractions are never detailed, making it difficult to understand what he did in the first place.

“Juvenile behavior” could mean lots of things. I’m reminded of Jared Leto going deep into his method acting to bring the Joker to life on David Ayer’s Suicide Squad. He sent a live rat to Margot Robbie and a pig’s head to the cast to help him get into character. Those things could definitely be considered “juvenile” and “disruptive,” but so far as we know they didn’t inspire an on-set monitor.

Perhaps in the wake of that, and after Ray Fisher’s allegations of misconduct against Joss Whedon on the set of Justice League, Warner Bros. isn’t taking any chances when it comes to behavior on set and took acton over Kartheiser’s antics before they could lead to a bigger crisis.

Kartheiser’s character on Titans is only supposed to appear in season 3. New episodes come out on Thursdays.

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