Fans remember Game of Thrones as the HBO show trends on Twitter


There’s no discourse like Game of Thrones discourse, which is still going strong — for better or worse — years after the end of the series.

The other day, LADbible tweeted out one of those “choose three of these things and the rest go away” posts — in this case, it asked people to pick three shows to save from a list of nine. The tweet quickly went viral, with folks making their pics known.

What do you think? I think I’d go with Game of ThronesThe Wire and Breaking Bad myself.

And apparently a lot of people agreed with me that Game of Thrones should be one of the choices, because the HBO show started trending on Twitter, with folks sharing some fond memories and passing around memes.

There were even some individual characters trending; at one point conversation about Cersei Lannister was loud enough to get on the board, which is only just.

Two years after the end of the show, people are still interested in the byzantine relationships between the many, many characters:

There were also some folks pushing back against the narrative that no one talks about Game of Thrones anymore, pointing out the irony:

And yes, there were plenty of people ragging on the ending, as well (which is perfectly fine, you can feel however way you want about it, all the usual disclaimers apply), but in the interest of staying positive, it was nice to see how many people remember the show fondly and still talk about it.

Plus, it bodes well for HBO, who are working on the prequel series House of the Dragon as we speak.

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