J’Accuse! Why Star Wars fans suspect R2-D2 murdered Obi-Wan Kenobi

Star Wars can boast some of the most memorable villains in cinema history. From Darth Vader to Emporer Palpatine, the franchise has always known how to make a genuinely hatable bad guy.

However, according to one new fan theory, a major villain has been hiding in plain sight all along: R2-D2.

Masquerading as a lovable droid, the true evil of R2-D2 has now been revealed, at least if Reddit user Zaius_MD is to be believed. The new theory draws on the history between R2 and Obi-Wan Kenobi, and has its roots on Mustafar, where Kenobi left his former apprentice Anakin Skywalker for dead in Revenge of the Sith. R2-D2 was in attendance for those crucial moments, and left the volcanic world with Obi-Wan.

Unlike C-3PO, R2-D2 never had his memory of events wiped, meaning he remembers exactly what happened to Anakin. R2 and Obi-Wan are separated at the end of the Star Wars prequel trilogy, only to be reunited years later in A New Hope. There, R2-D2 witnessing Obi-Wan lying to Luke Skywalker about what truly happened to his father.

According to this theory, R2-D2 realizes that Anakin and Darth Vader are the same person and presumes that Kenobi is engaging in a cover-up. Angered by this, R2-D2 begins plotting his revenge.

R2’s plan come’s to a head in a moment that Star Wars fans know well: the moment when Obi-Wan is struck down by his former apprentice. And wouldn’t you know it: during the altercation that leads to Obi-Wan’s death, R2-D2 is plugged into the Death Star and able to open and close doors at will.

So who led Obi-Wan down the path into the hands of the waiting Darth Vader? It can only have been R2-D2, thus allowing Anakin his revenge against Obi-Wan for what happened all those years ago. However, once R2 realizes that his former master is beyond saving, he quietly turns back to the light and vows to help Luke, Leia and Han bring peace to the galaxy.

Obviously the idea is a bit of fun and has no basis in Star Wars canon, with Obi-Wan’s sacrifice being necessary and likely pre-planned by the Jedi Master himself. However, it’s always fun to speculate that all might not be as it seems.

Back in 2015, Reddit also wondered if Jar Jar Binks might secretly have been one of the true villains of the galaxy, accusing the bombad goofball of being a Sith. The idea is despite giving the appearance of incompetence, Jar Jar manages to survive intense battles, gain political power beyond his apparent ability and may possibly be using a form of mind control.

So if Jar Jar could potentially be a Sith, then surely anything is possible? And perhaps Obi-Wan himself knew the truth. After all, in Attack of the Clones, the wise Jedi Master did say, “Well, if droids could think, there’d be none of us here, would there?”

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