Chyler Leigh (Alex Danvers) talks emotional Supergirl series finale

Supergirl is getting ready to soar away forever in just a couple of month. It’s weird to have to say farewell to yet another Arrowverse show, which has been quite the trend the last two years with both Arrow and Black Lightning ending. Supergirl is the next show to sign off, and it’s going to be tough.

Supergirl first started on CBS, but after one season The CW took it in and joined it with the larger Arrowverse (which is what should have happened from the get-go). Since then, Supergirl has made its mark in the universe with its fun, dynamic storylines, and with its diverse characters. The show focuses on social issues and highlights members of the LGBTQ community, making it stand out in the Arrowverse. I’m really going to miss it.

As will the show’s cast, including Chyler Leigh, who played Alex Danvers, aka Sentinel, aka Supergirl’s adoptive sister. Leigh spoke to TVLine about the final day of filming. “It was all of the emotions.” I can’t even begin to imagine!

The cast of Supergirl says goodbye

“Obviously, there are a lot of storylines to wrap up, there’s a lot of hope for the future that we’re trying to set and so…. There was just a lot,” said Leigh. “You go on, and you think, ‘Oh, we have time.’ But it’s COVID and it’s weird. All this stuff is just totally different. [You] can’t hug people, can’t see people’s faces. It’s something that you’re so used to doing for the past five years.”

Normally, there would be a big sendoff party and a lot of hugging and crying between cast and crew. But that’s not possible under current restrictions. Originally Melissa Benoist, aka Supergirl herself, was set to be the only person there for the final day of filming. However, Benoist, Leigh, and David Harewood (Martian Manhunter) insisted on changing the schedule so they would be together on that last day of shooting.

“We were a hot mess,” Leigh said. “Everybody’s crying. Everybody’s grateful and so appreciative…. Each day, you’re saying goodbye to somebody.”

The final season of Supergirl has been an emotional ride for fans who watched Kara/Supergirl come back from the Phantom Zone and try to reacclimate to the life she left behind. Alex went through her own trauma while Kara was gone, so together the Danvers sisters have had a lot to work through.

“There are a lot of flashbacks, moments where you’re reminded of how traumatic everything that they went through is, but it’s still the Danvers sisters,” Leigh said. “They still love each other tremendously and will fight to the death if they had to.”

Happily, Leigh clarifies that we shouldn’t take “fight to the death” literally. Phew!

How should you prepare for the Supergirl finale? “Have tissues, have popcorn, have tequila”

As the series closes out, Leigh looked back on how far Alex has come over the last six seasons, going from a director of the DEO to having her superhero persona, Sentinel. According to Leigh, Alex is “finding that really solid foundation where she doesn’t feel like things are going to crumble all the time.” She also says that fans will see “all the sides of Alex, which is what I’m really grateful for.”

Of course, the final season can’t conclude without the return of some familiar faces, including Mon-El (Christopher Wood), Winn (Jeremy Jordan), and James Olsen (Mehcad Brooks), who have all been confirmed already. “We have all sorts of crazy things that come out at us,” Leigh said. “Jon Cryer’s with us [as Lex Luthor] and we’ve had so many wonderful people come in as our Big Bad. There’s a lot to wrap up in the few episodes left, so just get ready. Have tissues, have popcorn, have tequila — whatever works for you. Just be ready.”

I’m not ready, though!

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