How many seasons of Game of Thrones are there?

In 2011, the dawn of something fantastic happened. It’s the year that brought us the first season of Game of Thrones. And television would never be the same.

Really, take a look at all the fantasy shows that are out now or in the works. All are trying to fill the void left by Game of Thrones after it finished airing. But none can truly measure up to the pure drama and exhilaration that comes from the A Song of Ice and Fire adapted series.

HBO is trying to keep up with the legacy it created. The company is continuing to adapt more works from George R.R. Martin; House of the Dragon, adapted from his book Fire & Blood, is up next, coming in 2022. So before you dive into House of the Dragon, or if you want to keep tabs on how much Game of Thrones is out there, here’s what you need to know about the original series.

How many seasons of HBO’s Game of Thrones are there?

In its totality, Game of Thrones is eight seasons long. The very first episode, as mentioned, premiered on HBO in 2011. And fans stayed with the show for many years, down to the season 8 finale, which aired in 2019.

The first season started off with the young children of House Stark in the North, all finding their way in Westeros as a battle to take over the Iron Throne began. The Lannister family lay claim over the Iron Throne, but not all were happy with that. From the east, the Mother of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen, built up an army for herself to try to come into power. And from there, many nail-biting episodes ensued as characters lied, bribed and fought their way to victory (and often, defeat).

If you haven’t watched the series yet, know that season 8 concludes with a proper ending. You can rest easy knowing HBO did not cancel Game of Thrones prematurely.

Where to watch Game of Thrones

If you want to watch Game of Thrones, you can find the series on HBO Max. There, you’ll find all eight seasons of the series, and there’s even some bonus content included if you’re a fan of what goes on behind the scenes. So if you’re looking for your next binge (or just want to re-watch some of Thrones’ best moments), look no further than the HBO Max streaming service to watch Game of Thrones.

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