Doctor Who scrubs its social media accounts as season 13 anticipation builds

Jodie Whittaker's Doctor is often show to care about her companions. But was that the case here?Photo Credit: Ben Blackall/BBC Studios/BBC America
Jodie Whittaker's Doctor is often show to care about her companions. But was that the case here?Photo Credit: Ben Blackall/BBC Studios/BBC America /

No, we can’t blame Mark Zuckerberg or hackers on this one. Apparently, the Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages for the BBC series Doctor Who have all been pulled this afternoon. And the big question is — why?

Let’s play the role of the Doctor ourselves and do a little sleuthing as to why. Luckily, this morning, I happened to see the last two tweets shared by the Doctor Who Twitter account. The first was a video that we covered on Monday, in which the Doctor appears on a glitching TV screen asking “Can you hear me?”

The second tweet they sent came about 45 minutes later. It simply said:

"++—/CAN YOU HEAR ME?/—++"

After seeing the tweet pop up on my Twitter app, perhaps 30 minutes to an hour after it was sent, I noticed the tweet was gone. And not only that, but

the entire account doesn’t exist

. That’s when I headed over to the




page and noticed the same thing. (Of course, depending on when you look at this post, the pages could be up and running again.)

What’s next for Doctor Who?

Well, it would seem that the social media team behind the account is running some kind of stunt to promote season 13. It’s definitely a good way to get the people talking.

Already, Doctor Who has done some strange promo for the series on top of the glitchy TV advert. In Liverpool, England, a spaceship was projected across George’s Pier Head. It definitely looks all kinds of weird and very much on-brand for Doctor Who. And so, can we expect an alien invasion of some sort to happen in this new season? Well, we know the Doctor deals with aliens in pretty much every episode of Doctor Who. But they’re not always invasion episodes.

Some have noted that the spaceship that was seen could be the Sontarans’, as it pretty much resembles it to a T. So, might we see them taking over the Doctor Who social media accounts when it’s back up?

Reportedly, this season will kick off in Liverpool where they’ll meet the newest companion, Dan. So between the spaceship stunt and the social media hijinx, this is looking to be one exciting season of Doctor Who.

There are definitely many strange things going on. I think this is building up to a release date and perhaps a full trailer. And given this season is going to be different than the others — it’s shorter and all the episodes will be part of one story arc — season 13 is gearing up to be something completely special and unique.

We’ll keep you posted as any updates come through!

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