Westworld season 4 leaked set photo reveals new futuristic car

Westworld season 4 is closer to becoming a reality as production has officially begun and leaked set photos from New York City are making their rounds. The latest from production seems to reveal yet another crazy-looking futuristic car, posted by the Atlanta Filming Instagram page. Admittedly, it’s not the coolest car we’ve seen on this show, but I’m going to take a stab in the dark and guess that visual effects are going to make this particular car look cooler.

As of now, it looks like it’s a white seven-to-eight-seater hatchback-esque car with top to bottom windows. At the hood of the car, it looks like a crew member steps in and controls it. I still think the car below from Westworld season 3 is way cooler, but I’ll hold off all my thoughts until we see this car in action.

I do think that this new car is a different version of the one we see above, so it’s still pretty darn awesome! Plus, it’s a self-driving car that has a mind of its own. Is there anything cooler? In Westworld, it probably means the car is going to gain consciousness and take over eventually, but you know what I mean.

Westworld season 4 plot

Not much is known about the fourth season of the HBO sci-fi series, but we can make some assumptions based on how season 3 ended. Tessa Thompson’s Charlotte Hale (who is currently serving as the host for Dolores) went full beast mode with her own army and a vendetta against Delos.

We’re also going to see Aaron Paul’s Caleb and Thompson’s Charlotte interact for the first time ever. That should be fun considering Caleb is currently with Thandiwe Newton’s Maeve Millay. Together, these guys would be an indestructible force so I’m ready to see them bring their rage in Westworld season 4.

We also can’t forget the post-credit scene where Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) “woke up” in what seems to be hundreds of years after he had shut down. I have no idea what it could mean, but we will be seeing “new worlds,” so perhaps it has something to do with that. Maybe he wakes up to an even more futuristic world where hosts are the majority, or maybe something else entirely.

Newton spoke to ComicBook.com recently about the upcoming season, and she had nothing but praise for it. “It’s so good, man. For me, no truly, for me, it’s got all the best elements from one, two, and three are here,” said Newton. “It is so rich and there’s something about the pandemic. It’s not literally, but I just think it’s fed us all in a way like our lives depend on art now in a different way. I mean, literally, our lives depend on art because art is being removed from us. It is.”

Well, if that isn’t enough to get you excited, then perhaps a walk down memory lane with the season 3 trailer will.

Westworld season 4 can’t get here soon enough, so be sure to check back here for more updates as we get them.

H/T: ComicBook.com

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