Prepare for Stranger Things season 4 to be “really messed up”

Sometime next year, Stranger Things season 4 will find its way onto Netflix. The previous season left us with many questions about our favorite characters, including Hopper and Eleven. Fast forward several months, and the latest teaser had us guessing about the identity of one Victor Creel, played by ’80s horror legend Robert Englund.

And while we know we aren’t going to get all the answers about season 4 before it premieres, there are a few hints being dropped here and there about what to expect. Finn Wolfhard (Mike Wheeler) teased a few things about this upcoming season during an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

The biggest thing Wolfhard was able to say about the new season is that it’s going to be “really messed up.” Yes, Stranger Things has always been full of creepy, macabre PG-13 moments. But are we going to get an even darker season in Stranger Things 4? I’m thinking something akin to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I, which was a much darker movie than its predecessors — even considering the first six movies had plenty of shocking stuff.

There’s no saying for sure if that’s the case. But with the group of friends, including Eleven, being much older than when they started, the series could definitely take a more intense tone compared to the previous seasons.

Wolfhard also brought his poker face to the interview as Fallon asked him about a few rumors regarding the upcoming season. You can watch for yourself in the video below:

Stranger Things season 4 questions

Fallon asked Wolfhard some great questions. “Will we find out what happens to Hopper?” “Are Mike and Eleven going to reunite?” “Will we see Eleven get her powers back?” “Who are the Creels and what are their connection to the Upside Down?”

I’m assuming for the first two questions, the answer is going to be “Yes.” In one of the earliest teasers for season 4, we saw Hopper alive and well in a Russian prison. We just don’t know why he’s there. (Maybe he thought he was filming Black Widow?) And definitely, we think Mike and Eleven will have to reunite at some point. Their relationship is so crucial to the show that they can’t stay estranged for long.

The answers to the last two questions are anyone’s guess. For the Creel part especially, I’m looking forward to plumbing the depths of the mystery and figuring out how all the pieces connect. So far, I like the idea of this character and the family’s haunted house. And maybe the tragedy of the Creel family is what will make this new season so messed up.

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