Kit Harington wishes he had more time with Richard Madden in Eternals

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Eternals, the next big Marvel tentpole movie, has not one but two Game of Thrones veterans among its ensemble cast: Richard Madden (Robb Stark) plays Ikaris, the super-strong, airborne leader of the titular Eternals, a group of ancient beings who have watched over Earth for millennia. Then there’s Kit Harington (Jon Snow), who plays a Dane Whitman, an ordinary human who also fights crime as the superhero the Black Knight.

Ikaris and Dane are joined the by the character of Sersi (Gemma Chan), another of the Eternals. Sersi has been in an on-and-off relationship with Ikaris for centuries, but is dating Dane Whitman for at least part of the film.

That’s gotta be intimidating for Dane; how do you compete with an immortal god-like being who can shoot lasers from his eyes? According to Harington, Dane takes it pretty well. “I think, I hope that Dane comes across as a nice, standup guy,” the actor said at a press conference, per PinkVilla. “And one thing I really respect him for is that a man flies out of the sky and shoots lasers out of his eyes and steals his girlfriend, and he’s kinda cool with it.”

Yeah, but what choice does he have?

Don’t expect a Stark brother reunion in Eternals

Given that they’re both involved with the same women, you might expect that Harington and Madden share a fair amount of screen time, but unfortunately that isn’t the cast. “It’s so little together,” Harington said. “It’s the funny thing. It’s like we existed, like memories. We’ve been friends for a long time now. But actually, look at the amount of screen time we’ve had. It’s very, very little. I just want more, you know? That’s all I want.”

Madden said much the same thing when he talked about it. Well, there’s always Eternals 2.

Eternals comes out in theaters on November 5.

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