Golden State Warriors coach compares himself to Arya Stark

Arya: Helen Sloan - HBO (6) Official Battle of Winterfell
Arya: Helen Sloan - HBO (6) Official Battle of Winterfell /

NBA season is underway, and the Golden State Warriors have surprised many pundits by rocketing out of the gate with a 10-1 record, the best in the league. Even optimists didn’t predict they’d do that well, and many pundits had ranked them lower.

That didn’t go unnoticed by head coach Steve Kerr, who during a recent press conference stumbled on a pretty fun metaphor for his state of mind: he’s like Arya Stark from Game of Thrones, and he’s checking the members of the media who underestimated him off his list:

He didn’t even have to think about that…or maybe he did and he was happy to finally unload it.

Steve Kerr proves that Game of Thrones has become part of the culture

However long that zinger was cooking in the back of Kerr’s mind, you couldn’t ask for a better illustration of how Game of Thrones has seeped into the culture at large. The show is over two years gone not, but powerful figures from the world of professional sports are still rattling off references and expecting everyone in the press pool to understand.

The Warriors play the Bulls this Friday. Time for Arya to take on the Mountain.

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