Train to Busan remake officially called “Last Train to New York”

In recent years, there have been many South Korean projects that have gained worldwide attention, both on the small screen and the big screen.  Look no further than Squid Game, which quickly became Netflix’s biggest launch of all time. Parasite became the first foreign language film to win an Oscar for best picture, and the list goes on.

Before that, there was zombie flick Train to Busan, which for some reason is now getting an American remake called “Last Train to New York.”

The confirmation of the “Last Train to New York” title was sneakily hidden in an article from Deadline about the upcoming remake of Under Siege (1992). The article also revealed that director Timo Tjahjanto (The Night Comes for Us) is on board to helm the Train to Busan remake, with James Wan (The Conjuring, Insidious) producing.

The original movie takes place mostly, you guessed it, on a train. It follows a father and his daughter, and several other passengers, who face hordes of the undead en route to a supposed safe zone in Busan. Or in the case of the remake, New York.

Eternals star Don Lee remembers Train to Busan and weighs in on the remake.

After starring as Sang‑hwa in Train to Busan, actor Don Lee recently appeared in Marvel Studios’ latest blockbuster Eternals. Speaking with Collider, the actor cited the zombie movie as a huge leap in his career that set him up for other large projects.

For Train to Busan, I didn’t think that it would become this big and it made a very big impact on me career-wise, because as that movie had become globally popular, I had gotten a lot of Hollywood offers to be in multiple films.

One of those offers was from Marvel. “And this Marvel one actually just worked out perfectly when the timing was just right,” Lee said. “And I have been a big fan of Chloe Zhao for a while, and the character was something that I would think would be the perfect fit for me.”

As for his opinion on the controversial remake, Lee is actually very interested in seeing how it pans out — especially since it has  James Wan and Timo Tjahjanto involved. “I mean, I’m actually very looking forward to the remake, and those two are very big producers, and I think that they would make it even more fun than the actual original,” he said. “Because that was based in Korea, Train to Busan, I’m looking forward to the global zombies that we will be getting to see through that one.”

Many fans of Train to Busan are not happy about the remake

Of course, the news hasn’t gone down well with all the fans of the original movie. See just a few of the opinions doing the rounds on Twitter:

Currently, Last Train to New York doesn’t have a release date. It is currently still in development, but expect more updates in the near future!

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