Jacob Anderson wants to return to Doctor Who as Vinder

Jacob Anderson - Doctor Who _ Season 13 - Photo Credit: James Pardon/BBC Studios/BBC America
Jacob Anderson - Doctor Who _ Season 13 - Photo Credit: James Pardon/BBC Studios/BBC America /

The 13th season of Doctor Who ended with a promise of a regeneration to come for the Doctor (Jodie Whittaker), but the show has never just been about the many-faced Time Lord: the companions have always been just as important, and season 13 introduced a potential new one: Vinder, played by Game of Thrones veteran Jacob Anderson (Grey Worm).

At the end of season 13, Vinder reunited with his beloved Bel (Thaddea Graham) and took to the stars with their unborn child and “family dog” Karvanista (Craige Els). It seems very possible he could return at some point. “Oh, I would love that,” Anderson told RadioTimes.com. “Who knows? You never know how the story ends…I would be so excited to bring Vinder back, and for him to be brought back into the story.”

Heck, Vinder and Bel have such a perfect setup at the end of season 13 that BBC could probably give them their own spinoff. But Anderson would be just as happy with a random cameo. “I would happily just, me as Jacob, come back as a Cyberman or as Dalek number six – gladly. If Chris [Chibnall] just asked me to come in for a day, and you don’t even see my face, I would have been like, ‘Absolutely.’”

Mandip Gill is open to staying on Doctor Who after Jodie Whittaker leaves

Showrunner Chris Chibnall is currently on his way out of the franchise, with former showrunner Russell T. Davies returning. Whittaker is also leaving, although we don’t know her replacement yet.

Does this mean that Mandip Gill, who has played the Doctor’s companion Yaz for the past three seasons, is also leaving? “What’s great about Doctor Who is that the audience are so open to old and new characters all the time. They don’t need a whole new cast every time it starts with a new Doctor,” Gill told RadioTimes.com.

That’s a bit cryptic. So does she think she’ll stay on after Whittaker leaves? “[N]ever say never.”

"You also never know with this series. A lot of why it works is because there are a lot of secrets, and then a lot of revelation. And it’s really exciting. And that’s actually what people love is that they don’t know what’s around the corner, but they always get to guess."

There’s a lot we don’t know about the future of the show, but I’m sure we’ll learn eventually.

But before we do, we have a few more Doctor Who specials with the current cast to enjoy. The first, “Eve of the Daleks,” airs on New Year’s Day.

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