Check out these 20 wicked Witcher tattoos

The Witcher season 2. Image courtesy Jay Maidment, Netflix
The Witcher season 2. Image courtesy Jay Maidment, Netflix /
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The Witcher
The Witcher – Credit: Katalin Vermes /

The monsters of the Continent, in tattoo form

Next up we have monsters, because what would a Witcher be without monsters to hunt? Few can stand toe-to-toe with a warrior such as Geralt of Rivia though, as this Griffin learned the hard way:

"Trad Witcher inspired tattoo (done by jonnyrad @dustnbonestattoo) from witcher"

And here’s a Noonwraith, which looks just about as terrifying as you’d imagine.

"Witcher 3 Noonwraith Tattoo by Rachel Trusko Tattoos from witcher"

There’s a clear fan favorite when it comes to monsters though, and that’s the Leshen. (Which we see in live action in The Witcher season 2, now streaming on Netflix!)

"my third tattoo .. second from the witcher universe from witcher"

"My Leshen tattoo! from witcher"

"Leshen tattoo i got today! from witcher"

This tattoo even incorporates the Witcher Signs into the bottom of the design:

"Been wanting a Leshen tattoo for the better part of 3 years. I designed my own and finally got it done in a polish studio in my town. from witcher"

Those Signs are a pretty popular tattoo, actually. Speaking of…