Exclusive: Check out the Cobra Kai Limited Edition Crate Series


Loot Crate has a new three-crate series dedicated to the Netflix hit Cobra Kai, which has a new season coming up this month! Peek inside.

Hard as it is to remember now, Cobra Kai started its life as a YouTube original series before eventually getting picked up Netflix and leg-sweeping its way right into our hearts. Who knew what we needed was a decades-later Karate Kid sequel with a high school full of martial artists battling in each other in the lunch room?

The fourth season of Cobra Kai drops on December 31, New Year’s Eve. That means it’s the perfect time to sign up for Cobra Kai merch, and Loot Crate has just the thing: a limited edition three-crate series full of officially licensed apparel and gear based on the show.

What will you get in this three-crate series? Let’s start simple with a fierce Cobra Kai t-shirt:

But what will you adorn the shirt with, you ask? Why not a couple of sweet Cobra Kai buttons?

And then, after a long day of karate, you can curl up under a cozy Cobra Kai blanket. Even nestled by the fire, people will look at this design and know you are not to be messed with:

And that’s just the start! Check out some of the rest of what’s on offer over on Loot Crate.

Each crate is $59.99, plus shipping. They will be delivered to your door every month starting in April of 2022. Get yours here!

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