Jamie and Claire share an intimate moment in Outlander season 6 scene

Outlander fans get an extra special treat before the end of the year in the form of a sneak peek at the upcoming sixth season. It’s a two-minute scene between Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie (Sam Heughan) as they talk about Fraser Ridge’s newest residents. Check it out!

As we’ve seen from the promos, interviews, and earlier teasers, this season Outlander will be welcoming the Christie family to the cast. These characters are a huge part of this season (and the sixth book in the novel series) and one of them is a major link to Jamie’s past.

Towards the end of the clip, we get everything an Outlander fan could hope for: an intimate moment between Claire and Jamie! Given the events of Season 5, it was unclear what their connection would be like, or how comfortable Claire would be getting intimate with her husband. But it looks like all is well in that department (thank goodness).

Outlander season 6 sneak peek features Tom Christie

In the sneak peek, Claire and Jamie are talking about Tom Christie (Mark Lewis Jones). Claire asks Jamie if Tom could fit into Fraser’s Ridge and wonders whether he belongs there. It looks like Fraser’s Ridge is going to host a lot of people from Ardsmuir Prison, the same prison Jamie was once in.

Since they can’t really single him out and refuse him a place to stay, Claire and Jamie decide they will figure out how to make accommodations for him. It’s something they’ve done time and time again, so this will be a walk in the park.

The scene concludes with a tender moment between husband and wife as Jamie talks about being in prison, and how the thought of Claire got him through it. While in Ardsmuir, he recalls Tom lost his wife. At that point in Outlander, Jamie had made Claire return to her present, and even though he had no idea what had become of his wife, he just knew that she had made it back. In the cutest way possible, Jamie calls Claire as an angel, and the two embrace in their typical steamy fashion.

I cannot wait to see more of this when Outlander season 6 premieres on March 6, 2022.

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