Someone bought a Game of Thrones Fabergé egg for $2.2 million

Image: Game of Thrones/HBO
Image: Game of Thrones/HBO /

It’s here: the most expensive piece of Game of Thrones merch in existence. The Game of Thrones Faberge Egg is modeled off one of Daenerys Targaryen’s dragon eggs. It’s adorned with thousands of white diamonds, pink sapphires, moonstones and rubies. The shell is molded from sheets of 18-karat white gold, and the sparkling enamel scales made from crushed light blue, grey, mauve and violet glass. An 18-karat white gold dragon tail wraps around the base, which itself is adorned with white diamonds and moonstones.

And there’s more! The egg (sorry, “commemorative egg objet”) opens up to reveal another egg, this one made of three 18-karat gold blades representing Drogon, Rhaegal and Viserion. The inner shells are festooned with more than 20 deep red rubies surrounded by hundreds of pink sapphires and white diamonds. The heart of the egg is a pear-cut ruby sitting atop a removable white gold crown, which can be attached to a necklace chain hidden somewhere on the objet.

Is this the most pointless piece of gaudy trash on Earth, or a custom-made marvel you want on your mantle right now? Unfortunately, the second option is off the table, as an anonymous U.S. buyer purchased the egg for a paltry $2.2 million right after it was announced in April. This was before Fabergé workmaster Paul Jones and his team of artisans even began making it.

Game of Thrones costume designer helped create the dragon Fabergé egg

Game of Thrones costume designer Michele Clapton also consulted on the objet (remember, it’s an “objet,” not an “object”; it’s much fancier than a mere object). “It’s great to see some of the textures from Daenerys’ dresses, the smocking and the embroidery,” Clapton told The Hollywood Reporter. “It was so exciting to find this process that we could actually get that and apply it to the egg, and the colors are so beautiful and so subtle. I hadn’t realized how controlled you could be with the colors, and the way this was put together is just beautiful.”

"I think it’s the same for Game of Thrones — I hand-embroidered [costumes], and people would ask, ‘Why?’ Because I want to know that it’s there, and I don’t really mind if people don’t notice. But then later on at the exhibitions, people could see it. But everything made sense, and there’s a story within every costume. I found a sort of family of people at Fabergé that have the same passion for the craft."

Us mere mortals will get a chance to see the Game of Thrones egg objet when it’s part of a touring exhibition next year. The exhibition will coincide with the premiere of HBO’s new Game of Thrones prequel show House of the Dragon, so 2022 will be a big year for all things Westeros.

And if you’re still looking to spend money on something Game of Thrones-related, you have options:

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