Doctor Who’s current companions are leaving with Jodie Whittaker

We’ve known for a while that season 13 would be the final year of Doctor Who starring Jodie Whittaker in the main role. She’ll be making way for a new lead actor ahead of season 14, which will see Russell T. Davies return to the role of showrunner, a role he vacated after David Tennant’s celebrated run as the Tenth Doctor.

But we weren’t sure what would become of the Doctor’s current companions, Yaz (Mandip Gill) and Dan (John Bishop). Well, according to The Wertzone, they’re on their way out as well. Bishop posted a video a while back saying that he had wrapped on the show, and Gill all but confirmed her departure in Doctor Who Magazine’s newly released 2022 Yearbook:

It just feels like I’ll stop then I’ll come back again. I think I’ll have to be away for a while before it hits me: I’m actually not coming back to Cardiff.

Bishop, who joined the show for season 13, is one of the biggest comedians and television hosts in Britain, so it always seemed unlikely that he would stick around for very long. Gill, on the other hand, has traveled with the Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor for her entire run, and will be there from the first episode to the last.

Watch an extended preview of “Eve of the Dalaks”

This means that Davies will have a completely blank  slate when he takes over for season 14. But before the current Doctor Who cast makes way for the new one, whoever it is, they have a few  more specials to share with us. The first, “Eve of the Daleks,” airs this weekend! You can watch an eight-minute preview for it below:

“Eve of the Daleks” airs this Saturday, January 1.

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