Which epic fantasy show will emerge triumphant in 2022?

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The Wheel of Time on Amazon

The Wheel of Time is a massive series of fantasy novels written by Robert Jordan that started coming out in 1990, years before A Game of Thrones hit book shelves. The story shares several things with George R.R. Martin’s fantasy epic: a huge cast, a sprawling world, a focus on politics…but The Wheel of Time is much more of a pure adventure story, a tale of a young person who is secretly the Dragon Reborn, a messianic figure destined to either doom the world or save it. It’s a chosen one narrative, one that takes 14 massive books to fully unspool.

The first season of The Wheel of Time is airing now on Amazon, and it’s already found an audience. Clearly, people still want to scratch that high fantasy itch. This being a Jeff Bezos joint, it obviously has a ton of money poured into it. From the stunning landscapes to the magical special effects to the huge number of large sets, the show serves up one sight after another.

Of all the fantasy shows to crop up in the wake of Game of ThronesThe Wheel of Time may have the best chance of becoming a megahit in its own right. It already has a built-in fanbase that has been waiting decades to see a decent screen adaptation, a lengthy story to tell, a cast and crew who believe in it and a benefactor with bottomless pockets.

Also, even though the first season isn’t even finished airing, work on season 2 has already begun, so there’s a good chance we’ll see new episodes in 2022. Amazon wants this one to work, and so far it’s getting its wish.