The Witcher season 2 becomes one of Netflix’s most-watched series ever

Netflix is going all in on The Witcher, committing to multiple seasons of the fantasy show as well as developing spinoffs; we’ve already seen the animated film Nightmare of the Wolf, and the live-action series Blood Origin is coming down the pike sometime this year.

With the streamer going so hard on the series, you know it’s popular, and now we know just how popular. Variety has posted a couple of charts tracking the most-watched seasons of television on Netflix, and both seasons of The Witcher are on there:

  1. Bridgerton season 1: 625 million hours viewed in the first 28 days on Netflix
  2. Stranger Things season 3: 582 million hours viewed in the first 28 days on Netflix
  3. The Witcher season 1: 541 million hours viewed
  4. 13 Reasons Why season 2: 496 million hours viewed
  5. 13 Reasons Why season 1: 475 million hours viewed
  6. Maid: 469 million hours viewed
  7. You season 3: 467 million hours viewed
  8. The Witcher season 2: 462 million hours viewed
  9. You season 2: 457 million hours viewed
  10. Stranger Things season 2: 427 million hours viewed

Stranger Things and The Witcher are carrying the genre flag for Netflix. That ensures that we’ll get more of that kind of content down the line, which I’m thankful for. Although I’m not surprised to see Bridgerton at the top; people were talking about that show for ages.

The most-watched English-language movies on Netflix

One caveat is that the list above only includes English-language shows. Considering how popular the Korean-language Squid Game was when it debuted last year, I imagine that might make it on if the list opened itself up.

The same caveat applies to this list of Netflix’s most popular movies:

  1. Red Notice: 364 million hours viewed in the first 28 days on Netflix
  2. Don’t Look Up: 321 million hours viewed in the first 28 days on Netflix
  3. Bird Box: 282 million hours viewed
  4. Extraction: 231 million hours viewed
  5. The Unforgivable: 214.69 million hours viewed
  6. The Irishman: 214.57 million hours viewed
  7. The Kissing Booth 2: 209 million hours viewed
  8. 6 Underground: 205 million hours viewed
  9. Spenser Confidential: 197 million hours viewed
  10. Enola Holmes: 189 million hours viewed

Don’t Look Up is a new release, so it bodes well for Netflix that it’s done so well so fresh out of the gate. Red Notice is a pretty recent release as well. The service just keeps getting bigger.

Also, good for Martin Scorsese for getting so many eyes on The Irishman. No wonder Netflix is winning the Streaming Wars.

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