The Last Kingdom’s Eliza Butterworth teases Aelswith’s arc in season 5

Few characters in The Last Kingdom have had as dramatic an arc as Aelswith. From scheming wife to King Alfred to reluctant ally with Uhtred, she’s come a long way. But what comes next?

At the end of The Last Kingdom season 4, Aelswith was in dire peril after Aethelhelm poisoned her. Fans have been concerned ever since that she would not survive, and were relieved to see actor Eliza Butterworth in early promo images for season 5.

Speaking with Cool America Magazine, Butterworth has confirmed that Aelswith lives and teasing her arc to comes. “Filming season 5 was so electrifying,” she said. “Lady Aelswith becomes more of a heroic character. [She] finds herself in situations she could never imagine and so has to take action where possible concerning the protection of her family.”

Will Aelswith be in Seven Kings Must Die?

Filming is about to get underway for Seven Kings Must Die, The Last Kingdom follow-up movie that will conclude the series. However, Butterworth has hinted that she won’t be part of that production, suggesting that while Aelswith may survive the poisoning, she won’t survive the season. Still, she’s clearly happy with what The Last Kingdom team has accomplished. “There were scenes in season five which were so fantastic to film as the stakes were higher than ever before.”

Meanwhile, the Daily Express reports that Butterworth paid tribute to Uhtred actor Alexander Dreymon on her Instagram Stories. “@Alexander.Dreymon, you are an angel!!!” she captioned a video. “Could not be prouder of you and our @TheLastKingdom family!”

There’s a sense of finality settling over The Last Kingdom fandom, with season 5 long having finished filming and production on the final chapter underway. While there is no set release date for the new season, it’s expected to be released in either April or May of this year.

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