Every upcoming Star Trek show and movie, ranked by anticipation

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2022 is set to be one of the most significant years in the history of Star Trek, with lots of series already streaming on Paramount+ and several more on the way, not to mention plentiful news on the movie front. The franchise has received a breath of fresh air thanks to executive producer Alex Kurtzman and Paramount+’s willingness to take bold steps in new directions.

We not only have new episodes of established shows like Picard and Discovery to look forward to, but also new series like Section 31 and Strange New Worlds, as well as more from animated shows Lower Decks and Prodigy. And there are other projects that may be even further in the distance, like Ceti Alpha V and a potential comedy about Worf. But even without those, what’s left has the potential to transform Star Trek.

But which projects should we be looking forward to the most? While many are undoubtedly grateful for any Star Trek at all considering how barren the output was just a few years ago, not all of these Trek shows and movies are created equal. So let’s take a look at our most anticipated Trek stuff for 2022, 2023 and perhaps even beyond…

8. Star Trek: Discovery (Season 4 and future)

Currently on an unexpected mid-season break, Star Trek: Discovery continues to divide fans at every turn. As before, the season has so far been unevenly paced and features wild fluctuations in quality, with the Dark Matter Anomaly seasonal arc being wafer-thin at best. The season so far feels rushed, and issues of poor characterization and dialogue persist. When Discovery is good, it’s excellent, with exceptional writing, editing, and visuals to rival anything else on television. However, when it’s bad, it’s terrible, particularly by the standards of Star Trek.

In many respects, Discovery has never recovered from the mistakes it made early in its run, including the fan-alienating redesign of the Klingons. Many believe that the show failed to capitalize on its initial promise.

With plenty of new and exciting Star Trek projects in the works — such as Section 31, Strange New Worlds and the forthcoming second season of Star Trek: Picard — all of which have strong fan support, it’s hard to get that excited for Discovery.

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