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The Last Kingdom season 5
The Last Kingdom season 5 /

The final season of The Last Kingdom is out now on Netflix, and it brings the long and winding tale of Uhtred son of Uhtred to an end in satisfying fashion. After five seasons of fighting to unite England, Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon) can finally rest…for a while. Because even though season 5 is the end of the television show, it is not the end of The Last KingdomThe Saxon Stories book series by Bernard Cornwell has three more volumes after the point where the show ended, and Netflix will cover at least some of those events in a standalone sequel movie called Seven Kings Must Die. So if you’re already going through Last Kingdom withdrawal, you’ll get another hit of it sometime soon.

Seven Kings Must Die began filming on January 31; Dreymon announced it himself when he took over the show’s official Twitter account. Now he’s taken to social media again, this time to let fans know that shooting on the sequel film has finished. Two months is a shockingly fast turn-around, but at this point The Last Kingdom is a well-oiled machine.

Filming has wrapped on The Last Kingdom movie

“We have just shot the very last shot of The Last Kingdom, ever,” Dreymon said outside his trailer. “And I’m about to head into my trailer and take Uhtred’s armor off for the very last time, and I thought that would be a great moment to talk to all of you and tell you once again how incredibly grateful I am to all of you for supporting us for this long. It’s been almost eight years, and it’s been an incredible journey. And you guys are just the best fans that we could have wished for, hoped for. We love you so much. We are so, so grateful to you. And we hope that you’re gonna enjoy this last piece of The Last Kingdom, Seven Kings Must Die. We don’t know yet when it’s gonna come out, but there you go…bye.”

He added more in the caption to the Instagram post:

"That’s a wrap on [The Last Kingdom], on Seven Kings Must Die, and on Uhtred, son of Uhtred. As you can tell, I’m slightly out of it, exhausted and overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with gratitude for everyone who has gotten us to this point…our cast and crew, [Carnival Films] & [NBC Universal] and, of course, all of you. Thank you [Netflix] for allowing us to travel all the way to Bebbanburg and beyond.I feel so lucky that I got to live part time in Uhtred’s skin for so many years. From the bottom of my heart, thank you all."

Other crew members weighed in as well. “Wooowww it is truly the end of an era!” Aelswith actor Eliza Butterworth posted to her Instagram stories. “Yesterday was the last ever day of filming on [The Last Kingdom] as they completed the film spin off – Seven Kings Must Die.”

As if we didn’t have enough reasons to get emotional after the many gut punches in the show’s final season. It’s hard leaving a show as good as The Last Kingdom behind, but at least it’s going out in style.

Seven Kings Must Die doesn’t have a release date yet

As Dreymon says, there is no official release date for Seven Kings Must Die yet. But considering how fast it went through filming and how seasoned the crew working on it is, I’m optimistic that we may see this one sooner than we expect. It would make sense for Netflix to strike while The Last Kingdom iron is hot.

Until then, we’ll be keeping watch from atop the walls of Bebbanburg for any more news.

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